Paper Cycle

Dates/Times: Saturday, April 11th @ 10 - 11:30AM (register here)
Location: MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center
Cost: $10 per participant
Ages: Grade 2+


Did you know that 4 billion trees are harvested each year just for paper use? How are those trees replaced? In this exciting investigation you will learn how trees go from seeds to harvest. Discover how paper is made and learn the important role you play in recycling used paper and reducing the number of trees we need to cut down each year. Each participant will make and take home paper they create on their own.

Grade Specific Standards

For Grades 3 - 5:
  • 4.ETS1.C (4-ESS3-2)
  • K.ETS1.A (4-ESS3-2)
  • 2.ETS1.B (4-ESS3-2)
  • 2.ETS1.C (4-ESS3-2)
  • 5.ESS3.C (4-ESS3-1)
  • MS.PS3.D (4-ESS3-1)
  • MS.ESS2.A (4-ESS3-1 and 4-ESS3-2)
  • MS.ESS3.A (4-ESS3-1)
  • MS.ESS3.B (4-ESS3-2)
  • MS.ESS3.C (4-ESS3-1)
  • MS.ESS3.D (4-ESS3-1)
  • MS.ETS1.B (4-ESS3-2)
  • RI.4.1 (4-ESS3-2)
  • RI.4.9 (4-ESS3-2)
  • W.4.7 (4-ESS3-1)
  • W.4.8 (4-ESS3-1)
  • W.4.9 (4-ESS3-1)
  • MP.2 (4-ESS3-1 and 4-ESS3-2)
  • MP.4 (4-ESS3-1 and 4-ESS3-2)
  • 4.OA.A.1 (4-ESS3-1and 4-ESS3-2)
For Middle School:
  • MS.PS1.A (MS-ESS3-1)
  • MS.PS1.B (MS-ESS3-1)
  • MS.PS3.A (MS-ESS3-5)
  • MS.PS3.C (MS-ESS3-2)
  • MS.LS2.A (MS-ESS3-3 and MS-ESS3-4)
  • MS.LS2.C (MS-ESS3-3 and MS-ESS3-4)
  • MS.LS4.D (MS-ESS3-3 and MS-ESS3-4)
  • MS.ESS2.D (MS-ESS3-1)
  • 3.LS2.C (MS-ESS3-3 and MS-ESS3-4)
  • 3.LS4.D (MS-ESS3-3 and MS-ESS3-4)
  • 3.ESS3.B (MS-ESS3-2)
  • 4.PS3.D (MS-ESS3-1)
  • 4.ESS3.A (MS-ESS3-1)
  • 4.ESS3.B (MS-ESS3-2)
  • 5.ESS3.C (MS-ESS3-3 and MS-ESS3-4)
  • HS.PS3.B (MS-ESS3-1 and MS-ESS3-5)
  • HS.PS4.B (MS-ESS3-5)
  • HS.LS1.C (MS-ESS3-1)
  • HS.LS2.A (MS-ESS3-4)
  • HS.LS2.C (MS-ESS3-3 and MS-ESS3-4)
  • HS.LS4.C (MS-ESS3-3 and MS-ESS3-4)
  • HS.LS4.D (MS-ESS3-3 and MS-ESS3-4)
  • HS.ESS2.A (MS-ESS3-1 and MS-ESS3-5)
  • HS.ESS2.B (MS-ESS3-1 and MS-ESS3-2)
  • HS.ESS2.C (MS-ESS3-1 and MS-ESS3-3)
  • HS.ESS2.D (MS-ESS3-2, MS-ESS3-3, and MS-ESS3-5)
  • HS.ESS2.E (MS-ESS3-3 and MS-ESS3-4)
  • HS.ESS3.A (MS-ESS3-1 and MS-ESS3-4)
  • HS.ESS3.B (MS-ESS3-2)
  • HS.ESS3.C (MS-ESS3-3, MS-ESS3-4, and MS-ESS3-5)
  • HS.ESS3.D (MS-ESS3-2, MS-ESS3-3, and MS-ESS3-5)
  • RST.6-8.1 (MS-ESS3-1, MS-ESS3-2, MS-ESS3-4, and MS-ESS3-5)
  • RST.6-8.7 (MS-ESS3-2)
  • WHST.6-8.1 (MS-ESS3-4)
  • WHST.6-8.2 (MS-ESS3-1)
  • WHST.6-8.7 (MS-ESS3-3)
  • WHST.6-8.8 (MS-ESS3-3)
  • WHST.6-8.9 (MS-ESS3-1 and MS-ESS3-4)
  • MP.2 (MS-ESS3-2 and MS-ESS3-5)
  • 6.RP.A.1 (MS-ESS3-3 and MS-ESS3-4)
  • 7.RP.A.2 (MS-ESS3-3 and MS-ESS3-4)
  • 6.EE.B.6 (MS-ESS3-1, MS-ESS3-2, MS-ESS3-3, MS-ESS3-4, and MS-ESS3-5)
  • 7.EE.B.4 (MS-ESS3-1, MS-ESS3-2, MS-ESS3-3, MS-ESS3-4, and MS-ESS3-5)


During this class, students will:
  • Demonstrate the life cycle of trees and plants used to make paper
  • Identify the benefits that trees provide humans
  • Explain the process used to harvest trees for consumption by humans
  • Compare the energy used in creating pre vs. post-consumer paper