Why My Decisions Matter

Dates/Times: Wednesday, December 3rd @ 9:30 - 11AM (register here)
Location: MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center
Cost: $10 per participant
Ages: Kindergarten+


These lessons are designed to introduce young students to materials use and product life cycles. By examining the stories behind everyday items, students learn basic traits of natural materials and simplified life cycle stages, including getting materials from the environment (e.g., wood), changing the materials to make things (paper bag), using these items, and disposing/repairing/reusing.

Activities at the Surplus Store & Recycling Education Center include:
  • Tour and scavenger hunt
  • Life Cycles: What's the story?
  • PBS videos, "Loopscoops"
  • The end of the Story: Disposal Sorting Race

Grade Specific Standards

  • L.K.1.,L.1.1., L.2.1.
  • L.K.2., L.1.2., L.2.2.
  • L.2.3., L.1.4.