4. Employee Training

MSU Surplus Store & Recycling Center Staff go through EHS’ Asbestos Training before they begin working with the collection of materials. All other training is provided by Full Time Surplus Store Staff Members or Supervisors with the majority done in the field and is hands on.

4.1. Asbestos Awareness Initial

The Asbestos Awareness Initial course is for new staff members who work in areas where they may encounter asbestos. This is an in person two hour training course taught by an EHS Staff Member in which staff members are taught the history of asbestos use, the health concerns associated with asbestos, and how to identify asbestos.

4.2. Asbestos Awareness Refresher

The Asbestos Awareness Refresher course is for all staff who works in areas where they may encounter asbestos. This online refresher fulfills the yearly training requirements for employees who have had the initial training course in the past year.