C&D Glass

Glass collected from Construction and Demolition projects is typically tempered glass like that used in windows. Due to the nature of its construction, tempered glass cannot be accepted with regular glass for recycling. If for any reason contractors or project leads have non-tempered glass waste materials at their project site, they should contact us by phone or email to schedule an appropriate collection for these items.

Reuse Options

Many tempered glass items such as Pyrex test tubes from university labs, etc. can be collected for reuse. MSU departments can submit a PURF to have the Surplus Store pick up large quantities of clean, reusable glass materials.

Where to Recycle Glass Bottles and Jars

Contractors and project leads wishing to participate in our Construction and Demolition Recycling Program are encouraged to contact MSU Recycling at (517)355-1723 or Recycle@msu.edu in order to plan the appropriate services and recycling containers for each project site.

Interior Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Residence Halls

Not Accepted

Public Drop off Center

Place in the container labeled “Glass”.

University Apartments Recycling Stations

Place in the container labeled “Glass”.

Athletic Event Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Exterior Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Where Does It Go?

When designated for reuse, glass items are sold through the Surplus Store.

When recycled, glass is made into new glass products or used as an aggregate in concrete flat work on campus.