Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent tubes are highly efficient light sources using low pressure mercury-vapor gas and an electric current to produce visible light. Fluorescent tubes which are dumped as waste and are not recycled properly are considered hazardous waste materials which can harm humans and the environment.

Reuse Options

MSU departments can dispose of unused Fluorescent tubes for reuse by submitting a Pick Up Request Form (PURF). Students, faculty and staff can drop unused Fluorescent tubes off at the Surplus Store during regular business hours.

Where to Recycle Fluorescent Tubes

MSU departments wishing to dispose of used Fluorescent tubes for recycling should either place the tubes by their building’s loading dock to be collected by MSU Recycling or should submit a PURF.

Interior Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Residence Halls

Not Accepted

Public Drop off Center

Not Accepted

University Apartments Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Athletic Event Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Exterior Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Where Does It Go?

When designated for reuse, unused Fluorescent tubes can be sold through the Surplus Store.
When recycled, Fluorescent tubes are sent to Cleanlites Recycling to be safely recycled.