Furniture can be difficult to recycle due to the variance in the material composition across brands, models, and pieces.

Reuse Options

Most furniture received through MSU Surplus and Recycling is evaluated for possible reuse options. Departments with lightly used furniture items should submit a Pick Up Request Form (PURF)to send these items to the Surplus Store. Students, faculty, staff and the general public can drop items off at the Surplus Store during regular business hours.

Where to Recycle Furniture

For large office clean-outs, Departments should submit a service request.

Interior Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Residence Halls

Not Accepted

Public Drop off Center

Not Accepted

University Apartments Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Athletic Event Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Exterior Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Where Does It Go?

Currently, most furniture is repurposed through the MSU Store.