Landcape and Yard Clippings

Any plant clippings which have not been heavily doused with chemicals such as pesticides my be recycled as landscape and yard clipping.

Reuse Options

At this time, landscape and yard clippings are not collected for reuse.

Where to Recycle Landscape and Yard Clippings

At this time, landscape and yard clipping are only accepted for recycling from MSU departments. departments wishing to dispose of landscape and yard clippings can do so by submitting a service request for a roll-off container.

Interior Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Residence Halls

Not Accepted

Public Drop off Center

Not Accepted

University Apartments Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Athletic Event Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Exterior Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Where Does It Go?

When recycled, landscape and yard clippings are composted for use by Landscape Services.