Plastic #2 High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

HDPE Recycling

Plastic #2, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is found in most plastic shopping bags, milk jugs, and containers for household cleaners. Plastic containers that once contained food waste must be rinsed clean before recycling (if it cannot be rinsed, it cannot be recycled with our program).

Reuse Options

MSU Departments can send reusable HDPE bottles or bags that are in good physical condition through campus mail to the Surplus Store. If you have more items than would fit in a paper box, please submit a Pick Up Request Form (PURF). Students, faculty, staff and the general public can drop items off at the Surplus Store during regular business hours.

Where to Recycle Plastic #2 (HDPE)

Interior Recycling Stations
Place items in the container labeled “Plastic/Metal.” For large office clean-outs submit a service request.

Residence Halls
Place items in the container labeled “Plastic/Metal.”

Public Drop off Center
Place items in the container labeled “Plastic.” Plastic bags and cloudy #2 plastics such as milk jugs should be placed in their own designated containers.

University Apartments Recycling Stations
Place items in the container labeled “Plastic.”

Athletic Event Recycling Stations
Place all recyclable materials in one of the single stream recycling containers located throughout the event facility.

Exterior Recycling Stations
Place items in the container labeled “Plastic/Metal.”

Where Does It Go?

When designated for reuse, the item is sold through the Surplus Store. When recycled, items made from plastic #2 (HDPE) are sorted and baled at the MSU Recycling Center before they are shipped to a third-party material broker. The bales of HDPE are then cleaned, shredded, and melted as they are turned into plastic pellets which will be used in manufacturing new plastic products. Most HDPE items can be recycled into new HDPE materials.