Refrigerators are composed of many valuable base materials such as metals and plastics. Prior to the recycling process, all Freon must be emptied from the refrigerators. Refrigerators which are not recycled properly are considered hazardous waste materials which can harm humans and the environment.

Reuse Options

Unless otherwise requested by the donating department, all refrigerators MSU Surplus and Recycling processes will be evaluated to determine whether or not they can be reused or repurposed.

Where to Recycle Refrigerators

MSU departments should submit a Pick Up Request Form (PURF) to send any surplus refrigerator to the Surplus Store. Students, faculty and staff can drop items off at the Surplus Store during regular business hours.

Interior Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Residence Halls

Not Accepted

Public Drop off Center

Not Accepted

University Apartments Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Athletic Event Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Exterior Recycling Stations

Not Accepted

Where Does It Go?

Refrigerators which are deemed appropriate for reuse are sold through the Surplus Store. Those which must be recycled are dismantled and drained of their Freon. Any metal recovered from recycled refrigerators is sold through a scrap metal vendor.